Mission: To provide daily nutritious meals, social interaction, and wellness checks for the homebound and elderly in our community.

Vision: Sarasota residents are empowered to live independently with access to services that eliminate hunger and isolation.

Providing Relief
from malnutrition
& loneliness.

Too Many Seniors in Florida are Alone, Hungry, and Struggling to Stay Independent and Healthy.


are isolated, living alone


are threatened by hunger


are living below poverty

Nationally, 1 in 14 seniors struggle with hunger.

While Sarasota is known for its affluent, cultural lifestyle and beach setting, hundreds of vulnerable seniors and veterans are homebound and unable to prepare a nutritious meal. Older adults are already at risk of malnutrition due to decreased appetite, mobility issues, prescription medications and more.

Older Americans Are Living Longer With Less Money

Even the most independent among us may experience a decline in mobility or health that can strip away our independence and diminish the quality of our lives. Great advances in medicine have extended our average life expectancy to 76.4 years. Seniors on a fixed-income are especially vulnerable to increases in inflation and cost of living. The US is currently experiencing the highest inflation in 40 years.

Our Senior Population is Growing & Changing Rapidly

This population is set to reach 93 million in the next decade, with 118 million expected by 2060, an increase by more than half!

Older Americans of color will continue to make up an increasing larger portion of this population.

Support for programs like Meals on Wheels enables seniors to remain living independently in their home. The cost to provide a senior with Meals on Wheels for an entire year, is roughly the same cost as spending one day in the hospital or ten days in a nursing home.

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