M.O.W. Pet Love

Imagine delivering a single daily meal to a homebound person only to have them share it with their four-legged companion  a beloved pet.

In an effort to make sure our home-bound seniors and disabled clients consume their one nutritious daily meal themselves, Meals On Wheels of Sarasota delivers pet food once a month for in-home pets. Pet food is provided through the generosity of community donors like you. More than 100 dogs and cats need food, litter and (frequently) visits to the clinic for vaccinations and for tick/flea/heartworm care.

In conjunction with the Humane Society and community donors, we collect pet food from around Sarasota to provide to low income seniors and disabled Sarasotans who might otherwise share their meal with a beloved animal companion.

If you would like to get involved with our M.O.W. PetLOVE program to volunteer or make a pet food donation, please contact us at 941-366-6693.