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MOW Intern Insights: People Are Our First Priority

In a recent blog I mentioned that while Meals on Wheels of Sarasota is a business, it differs from other businesses in a fundamental way.  In most jobs that I’ve held while being in school I was always encouraged to up-sell. I worked at a fast food restaurant before switching to my current job, and…


MOW Intern Insights: 5 Things I Learned About Meals on Wheels

I  admit that I didn’t know much about Meals on Wheels when I began my  internship. All I really knew was that volunteer drivers delivered meals everyday to people in need, and that helping them over the summer would be a worthy use of my time (which it most definitely is). There is so much…


MOW Intern Insights: A Mission to Do Good

I started interning at Meals on Wheels of Sarasota because I anticipated that graduating from college would leave me depressed, bored, and devoid of a sense of purpose. I knew almost nothing about the organization except that it specialized in delivering food to people in need. It’s been a month since I’ve started, and I…

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